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15 Fundamental Customer Support Features Every

B2B Software Should Offer

There are a lot of features for businesses to choose from when deciding what is important in their B2B software solution.

When it comes to customer support features, there are a few important ones every B2B ecommerce platform should offer.

Before we get down to the features, let’s see how important customer support is for your B2B customers.

The Importance of B2B Customer Support

Many businesses have recognized the importance of customer support.

You can’t run a successful business without providing superb customer service. Popular companies have done this by being genuine, polite, professional, and open to suggestions. A few of the standard ways to enhance customer support apply to B2C businesses which sell products directly to the consumer.

Although you run a B2B business, good customer support can improve your company and help you stand out from the crowd.

Even if you run a B2B business, there is a customer behind every purchase, a purchasing agent, an executive, a manager, and etc. Since these people are your loyal customers, you should start treating them right.

Advanced Account Administration
  • Open a conversation with your customers: Don’t hesitate to ask your customers for comments or feedback and let them know how much that is important to you. Most customers know exactly what they want and can tell if you aren’t meeting their needs.
  • Make your customers feel important: If you are running a B2B business, it can be easy to skip this step. That would be a mistake. Your customers need to feel appreciated and valued.
  • Help your customers save money: Many businesses are looking for ways to save money. Help them by thinking of a few ways to keep their expenses down.

Whether you run a B2B or B2C company, customer service should be your priority.


15 Customer Support Features to Keep in Mind

Here is our list of 15 fundamental features in a B2B customer support system:

1.Advanced Account Administration

All B2B ecommerce platforms need to have control over what users can and can’t do. Pick a platform that allows you to choose or customize permissions according to users’ requirements.

2. Customer and Contact Tracking

B2C software solutions track only at contact levels. When choosing a platform, make sure to choose a platform that also tracks at a company level to catch critical or recurring issues before they turn into major problems.

B2B Customer Support

3. SLA Management

SLA or Service Level Agreements are great for ensuring that both you and your customers have the same expectations for problem response times.

Service Level Agreements should be trackable, as well as, indispensable in a customer support system.

4. Live Chat

Live chat wasn’t always an essential customer support feature, however, today is a must-have.

Customers today expect to see a live chat option when they look out for methods to get in touch with the company.

5. Product Tracking

Do you have multiple versions of software and now they are becoming time-consuming and almost impossible to manage?

With this feature – product tracking, you can see which customers have a specific type of software and inform them about product updates.

6. Task Management

B2B tickets can be quite expensive, making task management crucial for support teams.

Having this feature allows you to gather employees from multiple departments and assign them various tasks. You will receive a notification when the task is done.

7. Integrated Screen Sharing

This feature is a must-have for technology companies. It allows agents and managers to see a customer’s screen and find the problem in action, as well as, share their own screen to show them the solution.

Having this solution is quite helpful. It will help you solve customer’s issues in no time.

8. Detailed Reporting

If your B2B ecommerce platform has this feature, you will be able to get valuable customer insights and important information.

You can run a report on products, users, ticket tags, chat sessions, and more.

With an extremely detailed reporting feature, the options are endless.

9. Extensive Integrations

Keep everyone involved in your company on the same page with integrations for Project Management, CRM, and Software Development Systems.


It is important to do your research and ensure the integrations are right for your type of business.

10. Inventory Management

Are you selling physical products? If yes, this feature is absolutely crucial.

With an inventory management feature, you can keep track of which customers purchased a specific product.

Also, your customers won’t have to search for the ID code when buying. They will know exactly where your product is and how many products are available.

11. Integrated Video Chat

This feature is especially important for companies that are selling physical products.

A video chat can turn hours of phone calls and emails into a short, clear conversation.

By presenting a product instead of describing it in a long text, customers can share their issues easier.

12. Customer Hub Technology

Do you have a knowledge base? Forum? A wiki?

Well, now you can let these solutions live in your online customer hub.

When having this feature, it is super easy to keep all resources organized and allow customers to access them quickly.

13. Custom Fields & Properties

One of the reasons for using a customer support system is to customize it to meet your specific business needs.

WIth custom properties and fields, you can capture the information you need and work more efficiently.

14. Email to Ticket

Don’t pressure your customers to log in to a website just to share a problem or issue.

The modern support solutions allow ticket creation from an email client of the buyer’s choice.

15. Customer Distress Measurement

You need to always keep an eye on how happy and satisfied your customers are. You can do this by measuring the distress of your buyers.

Consider factors like sentiment, ticket volume, and etc. It is easy to notice when your customers aren’t satisfied and act quickly.

Keep these features in mind when choosing a B2B ecommerce solution and you will be on your way to choosing the best platform on the market.

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